Solar Lawn Light, Solar Garden Products

    1. Solar Mosquito Zapper The solar mosquito zapper features solar power unit, requiring no wiring.
      It attracts mosquito by UV light, and then zaps them with high voltage metal net.
      The plastic fence design effectively prevents children from touching the metal net.
      The solar mosquito zapper comes with plastic base and hanger for use in different location.
    1. Solar Mole ChaserThe solar mole chaser can drive away burrowing pests like moles, voles and gophers.
      It functions day and night.
      The integrated amorphous silicon solar cell charges even in winter and when there is low amount of sunlight.
      Integrated rechargeable batteries.
    1. Solar Bird RepellerThe bird repeller is solar powered and no utility grid is required.
      It can effectively keep birds away from your garden, field, shed, swimming pool, etc. The solar bird repeller is safe for pets and other animals.
      Build-in motion sensor triggers the pre-recorded sound to scare birds away.
    1. Floating Solar FountainThe floating solar fountain has a powerful amorphous solar panel (4W/7V) which works normally in both direct sunshine and low light conditions.
      It contains a brushless motor pump with 10,000hrs running time.
      The floating solar fountain is easy to set up without the need for batteries or wiring installation.
    1. Cascade Solar FountainThe cascade solar fountain is an environmentally friendly and safe product that can create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or balcony.
      It constantly recycles the same water.
      The cascade fountain is powered by a thin film solar panel, so it requires no running cost.
    1. Solar Shed LightThe solar shed light adds light to any outdoor space, such as sheds, gazebos, and greenhouses, etc.
      It is solar powered and eliminates the need for wiring and operating cost.
      360-degree adjustable solar panel helps to maximize power output.
      Built-in Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack.
    1. Solar Motion Light, Solar Security LightThe solar motion light is designed to secure your yard, garden. The light will activate when a person or object passes through it.
      It is independently powered by solar energy.
      The light will be triggered by the built-in infrared sensor automatically after dusk.
    1. Solar Lamp Post Light The solar lamp post light will light up your garden at night.
      No wiring, no electric bills. All you need is free sunlight.
      The light uses super bright LED as the light source.
      Integrated solar cell, 4W amorphous or 8W crystalline version available.
    1. Solar Driveway LightThe solar driveway light turns off during daytime and lights up at night automatically. It can mark the driveway borders so you are able to steer your car to where it needs to be.
      The integrated amorphous solar cell can work in cloudy and rainy conditions.
      The driveway light can reflect the beam from the car, and is also able to create light by itself.
    1. Solar Garden LightThe product is a nice decorative marker light for gardens.
      The solar garden light is a GREEN product which is powered automatically by built-in solar cell.
      The waterproof design enables the light to be used anywhere.
      No wiring, no operating cost.

We is a solar lawn light, solar garden products manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including a portable solar power kit, solar flashlight, crystalline folding solar charger kit, 15W solar lighting kit, and others.

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