Solar Charger

    1. 1.5W Solar Trickle ChargerThe 1.5W solar trickle charger is suitable for maintaining battery of small size vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, snow mobiles, etc.
      A suction cup is available to attach the solar trickle charger to the windshield. The product can also be simply placed on the dashboard.
    1. 4.8W Solar Trickle ChargerThe solar trickle charger is provided with battery lamp, cigar lighter connector, mounting screws for user convenience.
      Durable ABS plastic casing.
      The built-in blocking diode helps prevent reverse charging.
    1. 15W Solar Charger KitA solar trickle charger to maintain large capacity batteries that are typically found on heavy vehicles such as heavy caravans, motor homes, boats, etc.
      15W amorphous solar cell works well even in low light conditions.
      The solar trickle charger is provided with battery lamp, cigar lighter connector, mounting screws ...
    1. Briefcase Solar GeneratorThe portable generator is environmental friendly as it converts clean solar light into electricity.
      The protective briefcase with a handle can be easily carried away.
      The innovative angle adjustable support helps achieve max sun exposure, thereby ensuring max power output.
      The briefcase solar generator comes with a blue LED indicator to show working condition.
    1. Crystalline Folding Solar Charger KitThe folding solar charger kit utilizes high efficiency mono-crystalline solar module with anodized Al alloy frame. It is ideal for charging batteries for caravans, motor homes, and boats.
      Each kit features a built-in angle adjustable support which helps to maximize solar output. The kit also has an attached charge regulator to protect the battery from over charging.
    1. 7A Solar Charge RegulatorThe 7A solar charge regulator is designed to protect 12V battery from being over-charged and over-discharged.
      It can handle up to 7A input current which is equal to the current from a 100W solar panel.
      The charge regulator adopts LED indicators for easy monitoring.
      Quick and easy connection to solar panel and battery.
    1. 30A Solar Charge Regulator The 30A solar charge regulator is used to protect 12V or 24V battery from being over-charged and over-discharged.
      It handles up to 30A input current which is equal to the current from a 500W solar panel.
      Intelligent control with MCU.
    1. Solar Car VentilatorThe product is a solar powered ventilator for parked cars.
      It helps to reduce temperature and humidity by drawing out the hot stale air inside the car and replacing it with fresher air from outside.
      Dual power: it can be either powered by a solar cell that comes with it or a car battery.

We is a professional solar charger manufacturer in China. We offer various types of products such as expandable solar power kit, solar shed light, 15W solar lighting kit, on grid solar panel, portable solar power kit, and solar lantern.

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    1. 15W Solar Lighting Kit Our 15W solar lighting kit offers a DIY style turn-key solution for end user. It includes everything required for a fully functional solar system
      It is ideal for places ...
    1. Solar Mole ChaserThe solar mole chaser can drive away burrowing pests like moles, voles and gophers.
      It functions day and night.
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    1. Solar FlashlightThe solar flashlight is a pocket sized, handy personal lighting device.
      There is no need to frequently change batteries.
      The powerful solar cell can quickly full charge the battery.
    1. Amorphous Solar PanelThe amorphous solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into DC electricity. It can be used to charge a battery and becomes a key component of the solar power supply system.