Briefcase Solar Generator

Briefcase Solar Generator
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Product Overview
1. The briefcase solar generator is a handy tool to maintain or charge 12V batteries.
2. The portable generator is environmental friendly as it converts clean solar light into electricity.
3. The protective briefcase with a handle can be easily carried away.
4. The innovative angle adjustable support helps achieve max sun exposure, thereby ensuring max power output.
5. The briefcase solar generator comes with a blue LED indicator to show working condition.
6. Detachable connection with quick-connect technology.

Please Note
① We recommend you buy a charge regulator, in addition to a briefcase solar generator. Because the charge regulator can prevent overcharging or completely draining the battery. (Refer to No.TPS-545 charge regulator, it can be sold separately or packed together).
② 24V solar briefcase solar generator is also available for cars, caravans, or boat.

Package content
1 X Solar Charger
(13W@17.5V for TPS-936A amorphous silicon)
(28W@17.5V for TPS-936M mono crystalline)
1 X Male cigarette lighter adaptor
1 X Battery clamps
1 X Female cigarette lighter adaptor

We is an experienced briefcase solar generator manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including portable solar power kit, solar lantern, expandable solar power kit, 15W solar lighting kit, solar shed light, and others.

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