Solar Power Kit

    1. 6W Solar Portable Lighting KitOur 6W solar potable lighting kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is usually used for providing lighting for sheds, garages, camping, etc.
      Replaceable energy saving/LED bulb offers bright lighting.
      Build-in magnetic or hanging hook allows easy fixing of the bulb.
    1. 15W Solar Lighting Kit Our 15W solar lighting kit offers a DIY style turn-key solution for end user. It includes everything required for a fully functional solar system
      It is ideal for places which need bright lighting and are difficult to access the utility, such as sheds, garages, barn houses, camper cars, and more.
    1. Portable Solar Power Kit Our solar power kit is a backup power kit that is charged with solar energy. So no grid connection is needed.
      The power kit is portable and easy to carry.
      It offers a turnkey solution for final user. Just plug and play!
      It features a folding style 13W(thin film)/30W(crystalline) solar charger with briefcase design.
    1. 40W Compact Solar Power KitThe 40W compact solar power kit offers a complete solar power solution for end user. It includes solar panels (40W@17.5V), system controller with DC output, DC to AC output inverter, rechargeable battery, and 2 pcs of DC LED lights. All these parts are packed in one gift box ready for shipping or selling.
      It adopts high efficiency folded crystalline solar panel, powerful yet portable.
    1. 45W Solar House Lighting KitThe 45W solar house lighting kit, an independent house lighting solution, can provide sufficient light for multiple rooms in the house.
      It consists of 4 LED light tubes with independent ON/OFF switch for each light. In addition, each light can be mounted in different rooms of the house.
    1. 60W Cottage Solar Power KitThe solar power kit can be used to power light, small TV, electric fan, laptop, stereo, and more.
      It requires no running cost, and all you need is free clean sunlight.
      The adoption of amorphous technology allows the cottage solar power kit to continue to work even in cloudy weather condition.
    1. Expandable Solar Power KitThis off-grid solar power kit turns free sunlight into electricity, so as to power your household appliances.
      Consumer can start with an inexpensive small system to test the product.
      Using standard components, the solar power kit can be expanded depending on the electricity consumption demand.

We is a professional solar power kit manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including expandable solar power kit, 1.5W solar trickle charger, briefcase solar generator, amorphous solar panel, and solar lantern, among others.

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