Expandable Solar Power Kit

Expandable Solar Power Kit
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Product Overview
1. Free electricity
This off-grid solar power kit turns free sunlight into electricity, so as to power your household appliances.
2. Easy to use
The system is designed with a purpose that people with little knowledge of solar can easily use it.
3. Affordable
Consumer can start with an inexpensive small system to test the product.
4. Expandable
Using standard components, the solar power kit can be expanded depending on the electricity consumption demand. Up to 1KW per system.
5. Parts
This solar system consists of two parts.
Starter kit: (TPS-220-CS85, TPS-220-AS40)
An easy-to-use stand-alone solar system with complete solution
Add-on kit: (TPS-220-CA85, TPS-220-AA40)
Through our patented solar combiner, numbers of add-on kits can be added to the starter kit, in order to get a bigger solar kit to meet the increasing electricity demand.

We is a China-based expandable solar power kit manufacturer. Our products include 30A solar charge regulator, solar shed light, portable solar power kit, 1.5W solar trickle charger, 15W solar lighting kit, briefcase solar generator, and more.

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