40W Compact Solar Power Kit

40W Compact Solar Power Kit
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Product Overview
1. The 40W compact solar power kit offers a complete solar power solution for end user. It includes solar panels (40W@17.5V), system controller with DC output, DC to AC output inverter, rechargeable battery, and 2 pcs of DC LED lights. All these parts are packed in one gift box ready for shipping or selling.
2. It adopts high efficiency folded crystalline solar panel, powerful yet portable.
3. The built-in angle adjustable support helps maximize the output of the solar charger.
4. Aluminum frame has plastic corner sleeve to prevent solar panel from scratching customer's battery or other applied devices.
5. The compact solar power kit is designed to meet remote and backup power requirements. It is ideal for RVs, boats, etc.
6. The use of our solar power kit results in no running cost. All you need is free sunlight.

As a China 40W compact solar power kit manufacturer, We provides a wide range of products that includes 1.5W solar trickle charger, solar lantern, briefcase solar generator, 30A solar charge regulator, and solar fan cap, among others.

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