Portable Solar Power Kit

Portable Solar Power Kit
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Product Overview
1. Our solar power kit is a backup power kit that is charged with solar energy. So no grid connection is needed.
2. The power kit is portable and easy to carry.
3. It offers a turnkey solution for final user. Just plug and play!
4. It features a folding style 13W(thin film)/30W(crystalline) solar charger with briefcase design.
5. The power unit comes with 12V/7Ah sealed lead-acid battery that can be replaced easily.
6. Multiple connecting wires are available, including alligator battery clamps, male cigarette lighter plug, and female cigarette lighter plug.
7. A LED work light is optional.
8. Cigar lighter socket + USB output to support multiple applications, such as mobile phones, Laptops, etc.
9. The portable solar power kit can be used with an inverter to power AC applications (not included).
10. The solar power kit can connect to an external battery to increase capacity for longer operating hours.

We is an experienced portable solar power kit manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including briefcase solar generator, solar lantern, expandable solar power kit, 1.5W solar trickle charger, solar shed light, and others.

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