15W Solar Lighting Kit

15W Solar Lighting Kit
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Product Overview
1. Our 15W solar lighting kit offers a DIY style turn-key solution for end user. It includes everything required for a fully functional solar system
2. It is ideal for places which need bright lighting and are difficult to access the utility, such as sheds, garages, barn houses, camper cars, and more.
3. The solar lighting kit is solar powered, eliminating the need for utility connection.
4. It is environmentally friendly and requires no operating cost.
5. The charge controller provides over-charge, over-discharge and over-load protection, thereby ensuring the consumer a hassle free product.

We is a China-based manufacturer of 15W solar lighting kit. Our company offers a broad range of products that includes solar shed light, briefcase solar generator, 1.5W solar trickle charger, solar charge regulator, solar mosquito zapper, and others.

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